Website optimization antecedency breadcrumb navigation


1, users can understand the current position, understand the web page on the site in the structure of position.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

6, will be able to establish a perfect embodiment of the site of the internal links, better meet the user browsing experience, so as to improve the residence time.

5, spider is convenient for crawling, creeping expansion path, increase the depth and breadth of crawling.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

refinement breadcrumb navigation function, we will find that a small set, can bring unexpected effects on website optimization.

breadcrumb navigation has become indispensable in website optimization, of course, careful friends should have been observed, breadcrumb navigation website now mostly used. Maybe the mistake before we understand, then through this analysis, we must have mastered the essence of the breadcrumb navigation.

sites have been combined together, it can realize the maximization of the website ranking, website brings natural flow. The author Dennis before the website optimization is often mentioned in a wise remark of an experienced person noun "breadcrumb navigation".

Site optimization pre construction and post

breadcrumb originated in the Green fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" story, the specific content from the Internet to see what we can when is the right to review our childhood. This story gives us bread is bread crumbs navigation, its main role is to tell the user site location and how to return the other page. Breadcrumb navigation can be said to be the tree structure diagram of a flat, can show the structure of the website is the most straightforward, this whether browsing users of the website or search engine crawling is very beneficial. For a small website, breadcrumb navigation can better weight website main keywords are locked in the home, centralized for the weights of the website.

Optimization of

4, the user can return the most convenient at other levels without that point return, thereby reducing the website jump out rate.

3, showing the structure of the site hierarchy, and structure of the site map quite convenient search engine and users more efficient information into the page.

2, simple list level port site, convenient for users to browse.

breadcrumb navigation as the site optimization is often used, which is mainly in order to allow the user to browse the page in the clear position when browsing the site, at the same time, users can easily return to previous menu, is still in the website user experience design. The breadcrumb navigation website for Shanghai dragon can improve the keywords ranking for some. Today the author Dennis and take a look at the vanguard – breadcrumb navigation website optimization.

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