The long tail word strength

why, founder of Shanghai Longfeng Cardiff said: look at a website optimization is not the main keyword of the website, even if the master key is very powerful; if a website traffic only from several main keywords, is terrible.

? Shuttle

above is love Shanghai No. 5.25 statistical data statistics. In fact, the word "Hebei Shanghai dragon" can give Shuttle this blog to bring so much traffic I didn’t expect, you know, in fact, go to search for "Hebei Shanghai dragon", Shuttle has three pages of this blog after another, the principle is not what traffic, I think that some traffic should is Shuttle friends, or before often focus on the Shuttle blog Shanghai dragon enthusiasts.


The word "

Shuttle has just started to do the main keyword a "Hebei Shanghai dragon", why should choose the keywords of Hebei Shanghai dragon, is inspired by Jiang Hui, although Jiang Hui technology very vegetables, but can not deny that this man is very clever, Jiang Hui, in the marketing ideas is a person. That only technology is very powerful, but in marketing, packaging and publicity, only less than those of real network master planning, such as being spurned by Wang Tong.

so Shuttle finally remind you that one: in charge of keywords at the same time, don’t ignore the long tail word. A lot of the long tail word is you this stand of wealth.

now I deeply appreciate the meaning of this sentence.

" in Hebei Shanghai dragon can really bring much traffic, there is much interest, believe that this keyword Shanghai dragon er who are well aware of, which is why Shuttle to give up the word, to the city of Shanghai City Longfeng and long tail keywords.

this blog was created from 2011 to August, to create three points: first, to master a Shanghai dragon is represent the general trend and now Shanghai dragon, really fire, just use this blog to check. Two, I want to do, do it, feel a sense of accomplishment. Three, the Shanghai dragon blog, make some like-minded friends, accumulate some contacts.

let me really gratified is the long tail word of this blog Shuttle began to play power, there is no wasted effort. To know the long tail word up to do than the main keywords easier, more easy to get ranked, but the long tail word is more cumbersome than the main keywords, this all understand, to have a long tail keywords records, to record what you have to do the long tail word and URL, including in writing as in how the wording and do not leave the traces of these words are used, which are a test of patience and soft level.

for everyone to see a screenshot:



imagine if you have tens of thousands of the long tail word, this force is a few main keywords to match the

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