Web site operators from simple to complicated nature from start

in a blood running education, we Xiaofeng software has changed the operation ideas, we first from the concept of change, in the operation of the site and operation, all operations to the user experience. The website construction from simple to complicated, website operation ideas focus on user experience. The concept of change is the first step of our lottery website operation work.

2, user preferences

We started We see the

made the website operation friends can feel the pain of working place. This website is not bitter operation in the construction site, copy editing and website promotion. But at the same time, the website operators need to master these skills. Such as lottery products such as station, not at the same time with you a website designer, a copy editor, a website promotion specialist, 3 people at the same time to finish the work needed. Because the business station is mostly small sites, the boss will think not so many people. In fact, from the lottery system, website operation experience, to do a website operation generally required, designers and website and website promotion staff 3.

The investigation of

website on the Internet can be said is all kinds of, what kind of website are. It should be a sentence, "what birds have". In this environment, the website operators in the operation of the site, thinking about how to make a pattern, a novel. At the beginning of the software product is Xiaofeng station operation has emphasized the website novel, lottery website construction, how novel how personality do, ultimately failed to retain users.

1, from the concept of change

Xiaofeng software website does not have the construction of such operations team, in the later slowly development, found the site operations team 3 people this is the most basic to be equipped with. It is a competitive market, you do not have such a professional team, website operation is doomed to failure. Share the following from the lottery site operation experience with you: how the web site operators from simple to complicated.

(2) designed to check, check specifically refers to the lottery industry user experience special investigation. I preferred from the analysis of competitors, many strong competitors is that we can make the best use of resources. Analyze each website success, user experience doing a good place, and then combined with their own lottery betting system www.7ien.net >

website with the user experience is not for you to meet with, according to the market survey to determine the. In the investigation, should pay attention to the universality, the user refers to the majority of users, not only a group. Lottery system, the operation of the site, users love the investigation, we start from the following aspects:

(1) census, census refers to the investigation and analysis of all walks of life on the site, analysis of industry website operation success, with good website user experience. The user first to grasp the overall direction of preferences. This result is very wide in the.

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