The old station main keywords ranking suddenly cause floating change

Finally, the author sum up,

, the old site optimization is a long process of accumulation, with the escalation of the search algorithm, as the old station we should also adjust and analysis timely, old website devoted to our stationmaster of a lot of effort, but the situation is really rankings ups and downs let us tangled and worried we, in order to reduce the loss to a minimum, I recommend or >

skills: not just cheaper to buy some low quality servers, and ultimately affect the normal site access speed and it can ensure the smooth user browsing the website, secondly, pay attention to daily optimization, the station optimization of continuous improvement, with a steady flow to do.

first, stability analysis of factors of the old station itself. The stability performance of the old site in two aspects, one is the server the most basic factor to stabilize, secondly, the quality of the content of the old station to adhere to high quality, as in the past, the frequency of grasp. Server instability is love Shanghai for spiders to crawl the web links, if the long term, the spider for the website of confidence will gradually reduce, reduce the crawl frequency undoubtedly influence the weight of the page and website is included and ranking.

fourth, the search engine’s own problems. Many times we may suddenly site keywords ranking plummeted, this time we find the cause of the problem you will find, mainly from the search engine’s own adjustment, the rankings fluctuations are understandable, we need to do is to determine the ranking of volatility really is the search engine adjustment led to the most critical details. The webmaster is through the exchange platform, look at all sites in others sites also appeared in a similar situation, this is very important, love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is sometimes mistaken for some novice station long right down. This is a very wrong understanding affect our subsequent website optimization work.

third, the moderate and natural external optimization. The chain is the only way to external web site optimization, website update to stable outside the chain of high quality content is a senior webmaster everyday work, the chain is a support website weight is the very core of the chain of the continuity and quality of the chain is our main reference basis; quality the chain is the impact site keywords ranking, the chain construction process, the author draw attention to stability, the chain of natural and diversified. Not to the chain construction through some bulk or speculative behavior.

second, in the station optimization must pay attention to the construction of the link. The station optimization involved the details are very much, the author suggests that we should construct a reasonable ecological structure, internal link building station must be very stable, then don’t go to excessive optimization Sitelinks, will be mainly used in construction of the thinking of the article page, website content updates, quality, website update frequency, the station directional anchor text that these details are perfect. Especially when the website ranking status fluctuations when the station optimization is the focus of our thinking problems.

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