High conversion rate of key establishment of thesaurus buddies are shocked

search to India, to Acne Mask, to acne products. The conversion rate is not.

(3) love Shanghai statistics

> We can For example,

Bracelet industry inside have agate bracelet price, the price of jade bracelets, jade bracelet agate bracelet how much money, how much these keywords excavated is through love Shanghai for the background, but also have high conversion keywords.


keyword For example:

I believe most of the webmaster headache, keyword ranking always do not go up, one month, two months, half a year, according to the personal site found that many companies in the accumulation of keywords, correlation and do not say first, mining keyword conversion is very low, so I have to dig keywords high conversion rate. The website profit, following me to share some mining high conversion rate of key skills.

A collection of

to test for love in Shanghai. The conversion rate, conversion rate as the target. See the advisory. Produce the first batch of key words.

(1) derived from the

(2) of the existing keyword most people did not know (the word conversion), we can search through love for the background of Shanghai. Love Shanghai bidding background will be based on the time will produce some new words in the user search. Find a few words on the line as long as the core.

Keywords: screening of

(4) – (love Shanghai bridge)

Keywords: Test

customer service personnel through the chat software to business users are more concerned about the problem of record data analysis, see a month since what the problem is most users of the end of the month, dig out the words most frequently listed as key words, high conversion rate.

. Key words

a month through the analysis of love Shanghai statistics, two months, half the time to dig out the user keywords consulting very high volume, look at the statistics which recently users enter our website through what keywords, so as to analyze the user is not very want to understand the key content, like this we can take it as our keywords high conversion rate.

threeWe use


search Bracelet (love Shanghai search index). Game name + Bracelet user is to understand the game Bracelet aspects, like the keywords we want to cut off.

we must first make clear what do you need for keyword dictionary? I listed four points:


we want to observe the love of Shanghai for the background data analysis every week or month to see if there are no new words. Statistics New words. Keywords screening, some obviously do not meet the needs of users of the word cut.

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