Grassroots webmaster secret how to learning from scratch in Shanghai Dragon


online free open source station program, for experienced webmaster, know what kind of program is more suitable, but for the novice webmaster, may not know what the CMS is more suitable for the web site. In the site before the site needs to know what is required to make the template function, interface design requirements, site requirements for plug-in is too high for content sites generally can choose the basic CMS system, such as dedecms, PHPCMS; if community discussion type can choose discuz; if the electronic commerce website, can select the shopWe shopNC program, etc.. At the same time, owners in the selection of the corresponding site program to consider the safety and stability, choose high security procedures, to ensure the normal operation of the website can access and. The program of search engine friendliness is also need to consider, at present some commonly used procedures of the station are carrying Shanghai Longfeng personalization, convenient site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings.

as a professional Shanghai Longfeng station, before the site launched operations through planning, design and build a series of links, website planning plays a decisive role in the whole site, what kind of position determines the direction of development, the website has a clear positioning, and subsequent consideration of domain name, space, content, profit etc.. Site planning should firstly analyze the website user group types, different websites related to different user groups, to use the webmaster operation promotion direction is not the same; different types of user groups to provide the site content is not the same, the user needs to provide real estate websites is the real estate information, provide talent network the user is more recruitment information of class; a web site with a target user groups, and can implement the operating strategy, operation strategy for the site early simple need to consider the content construction, website promotion plan and early.

1, select keywords is the user through the search engine search into the network.

with the popularity of the Internet development, just download program site webmaster can easily build a website, which greatly reduces the threshold of a station, as a grassroots webmaster is very easy, but more important is to learn how to become owners after the site operation and promotion, the grassroots are starting from zero base. And how can start learning from zero to the Shanghai dragon, grassroots webmaster said some important learning method.

grassroots webmaster to become Shanghai dragon real optimization division, not only to understand the needs of the station program, domain name, host, server, web page code, web design, the need for more in-depth understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization concept. The Shanghai dragon is the webmaster tips into zero base Shanghai Longfeng industry needs to understand, here we summarize several points:

based positioning website

"zero" began to select the appropriate site program

depth understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge

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