Zac marketing experts Tencent micro blog ranking of effective website links

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: "try around the link text too want to pay it on cloth shares 贵族宝贝 shares me want to pay it on me tin cloth, see in addition to the radio, can let my blog in the word row up." Zan Hui said: "after 18 minutes, the baby has included noble broadcasting, and search" shares want to pay it on me tin cloth "appeared."



today, micro-blog has gradually become a new means of marketing, and has been recognized by many industry company. Today, the famous network marketing experts Zan Hui (aka Zac) the effect of the rankings micro-blog link test.

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of course, Shanghai dragon every one has not appeared. "If a period of time can appear, almost certainly useful links to Tencent micro-blog ranking." Zan Hui stressed.

Zac marketing experts said the Tencent micro-blog link to the website ranking

hot Teng February 17th news, today the marketing master Zac in Tencent micro-blog said, after a personal practice has proved effective for the website ranking Tencent micro-blog link.

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