The webmaster should do to improve love Shanghai promote the keywords ranking weight

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webmaster friends everybody is good, I give you today share a theme, the theme is: how to improve the webmaster should love Shanghai to promote the weight of keywords ranking is? How to use love sea weights to promote the keywords ranking.

to the page score are more important: on station content score. This part mainly divided into the following parts:

what is love and love Shanghai Shanghai weight, weight is how to calculate? Mentioned this problem we first take a look at what is love Shanghai weight, we first need to figure out what is love Shanghai love Shanghai for weight weight? We weight of a web page, this page if we love Shanghai weight we are very high, the keywords ranking will be better. What is the weight of love love Shanghai? Shanghai is a weight scoring mechanism based on the love of Shanghai. What is the name of the scoring mechanism? How do we understand? It is easy to understand, is love, the rules of the game, just as when we exam you consider how many, give you a score, the same love, Shanghai also has such a scoring rules, according to "give you a score assessment weight you" received the value. Love Shanghai specifically for weight is a "weight scoring mechanism. The better you get high score, your ranking is very good. Vice versa。 Since we know that the weight is what love Shanghai a thing, so we need to understand is that he really is how to score. What is his request? Then to talk about it in the end is how to sort the.

, 1 pages. The page quality score including many aspects. What are the factors that directly influence? He is divided into several aspects, the quality of a page is what we judged the most direct judgment? Is the most direct embodiment of the quality of the page open speed. Why open speed is very important? Your Valentine’s day today, you have agreed to meet at 6, you finished 6 points up, keep your girlfriend outside in the cold for two hours, you have 8 point to, she gave you the score is 80 points, because this thing is to you dropped to 50 points. The same quality of your page, the search engine is from the user’s point of view. This is no doubt that he will take the best quality pages available to the user, so he can judge? The most obvious speed is the speed of opening, because at this time the net cost is large, the cost is on the Internet in seconds, generally more than 6 seconds faster than the probability of being closed. 60%, open speed is directly determined the basic quality of the page. If your web pages than competitors more than 20KB, if you say "a day browsing amount is large, then the search engine to your score and give your competitors to the score gap is big. Even if the content of your pages to do better, but the open speed is very slow, so the search engine will give you the weight score is very low, this is not what.

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