The love of Shanghai open adaptation submit site map to love Shanghai

in order to enhance the user’s mobile search results browsing experience, love Shanghai mobile search "station to station with the corresponding mobile phone PC open service adapter. Webmasters can submit correspondence between PC website and mobile website to love Shanghai, so that mobile phone users and PC users can browse to the terminal page. Open well equipped with 3 kinds of: self adaptation, annotation, Meta statement submitted correspondence between Sitemap. We want to achieve the effect of love to submit a site map of Shanghai, need to use third types of adaptation: submit the relation of Sitemap.

1, according to the existing site columns, making a mobile website template can be HTML5 or xhtml. But note that the web content web content mobile website and PC website as far as possible to maintain consistency.

second, making the site adaptation map.

3, after the copy because the configuration of the database is using the same database configuration, so the two website data is the same, just a different template, website this time have two versions.

first, the website must have two versions (PC, mobile web site).

if it is not your mobile site site temporary version, can use this method:

After the

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform long ago opened a sitemap submission function, but this function need to apply through to use, so a large part of the webmaster do not have permission to use this function, can not submit the site map to love Shanghai. But love Shanghai has another function: open adaptation, we can achieve the same function through the submission site map effect to love Shanghai.

2, a copy of the current site of a new site (also can be put in the two directory). For example, the website is using dedecms, then use the same version of dedecms a new site, using the first step made mobile website template.

submit the corresponding relation between Sitemap and divided into two kinds. One is the matching rules, namely the PC website and mobile URL site has one relationship, can be submitted to the corresponding relationship between the regular love Shanghai know mobile website PC web page corresponding to the page; the other one is URL, namely, to love Shanghai submitted to the PC site for all network access and corresponding relationship indicated in the mobile web site. The use of second ways to submit website map to love Shanghai, in their own personal website after my test, it is helpful to the spider crawling website, can increase the number and frequency of love Shanghai spider crawling website to a certain extent. So how to use the open adapter to submit a site map of Shanghai


website has two versions you need to create a site map, please refer to the specific production methods: 贵族宝贝>

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