Those things the user site of Shanghai dragon experience


then we first look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is how to say


a friend said, we do is to make money, yes, but they want to be, my site is an on-line, one month or three months to make money, otherwise there is no power, I just think, this is only to see the immediate interests of the people. As we all know, do, do do rankings, Shanghai dragon is a long process, even if you > this

then today, the author here on your own views on user experience

user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. But for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, the user experience is the common through good design experiments to realize. The new competition had mentioned the development of computer technology and Internet in the network marketing theory and practice, the technology innovation form are changes to the user as the center, people pay more and more attention, the user experience has therefore been called the essence of innovation 2 model. For the knowledge society in 2 China Innovation — Exploration of application innovation park mode, the user experience as "three check" innovation mechanism first.

so for the love of Shanghai, our website only meet a handful of user needs, then it will be defined as a very poor user experience of the website ranking, of course there will be No. Love is love and Shanghai by Shanghai and Shanghai to make money, love promotion is dedicated to meet the needs of users. So. Do you know how to do the user needs

so for our website, what kind of website is in line with the user experience? A friend will say, to address the needs of users, but what are the needs of users? If we users do not know what is, then the user needs to solve and where to start

but what is our website? Is money, not shit what the user needs to solve the website, how can we make money? We need to target their own products and services, for which the crowd is to use our products, what people will be our potential customers, so often these people and potential customers sure, their needs are not single, they might want to know more about our products and services, or just do a survey, find the information, only a handful of people, is the direct purchase of our products and services. So if we can only meet these very few to buy products and services to our people, to meet their needs of users, this is just a handful of customer demand.

love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, what is the goal? Is the legend of the user experience, so what is the user experience? I want to have different views of different owners will. How the user experience is reflected in our own web site? Perhaps this is every webmaster should consider the problem.

to the user experienceThe

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