Wang Lei how to write a program more conducive to optimization

of course, here I do not want everyone to program this piece how in-depth understanding, in order to pursue a certain effect and constantly changes to the site, I have seen some program optimization was born, when you see a website a good results and wanted to give their website with this function, and see a good effect also want their website to have this feature, so repeatedly, often want to change what point on the site, in the end we wasted a lot of time and energy, here suggest that you make changes to be prudent, can be changed, but we should combine their own website first think and then.

had heard some say what kind of program optimization master, are of no great importance to optimize, today I want to say to you, in fact not, choose a good program will play a multiplier effect.

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we want to become a master program, but also hope that the optimization of this piece has its own insight, do not understand the program can do optimization, and some programs to promote the optimization, here comes everybody to program and website optimization also has a clear understanding..


I do website optimization for so long, found that many small and medium-sized enterprises is more a lack of all-round talents, they hope the optimization is best to understand some of the procedures, can change their functions what, fortunately I was born in order to achieve a certain program, sometimes the effect or to adjust the structure of the website what I like, just a little look at the procedures can be changed, for code optimization to the site is also very convenient.

had often heard many people asked about whether the website optimization need to understand some of the procedures, we get the answer is often not necessary to understand some optimization procedures, I do feel from the optimization point of view, that will be helpful to the optimization program. A good website optimization, website structure is very important, but for ordinary programmers, they are only responsible for the realization of some basic functions, and for a good optimization staff, not only of art, but also for some functions may make some changes, if the site is responsible for program management will be OK the idea of communication with them, we can achieve the desired effect soon.

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finally, I hope everyone can become a "special duobo" twenty-first Century talent, hope that we can as soon as possible on the Internet to wash their own pot of gold

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