The reason the home location is not normal and Solutions


third: Web page can not find

second: second or more web page on

The first thing

site web page second or later. In this case, many webmaster friends especially the novice webmaster anxious, because just a search on the Internet will find a lot about the home location is not the first or the second page article, most of these articles are the message that your site is down right or be K, and your website home page keyword in this case the ranking should be significantly decreased or disappeared can not find, see these, some owners do not have the experience to the more chaotic do not know how to do, the result will be blind in the network to find some of the so-called "solution" and then began to adjust to change. In fact, this situation not only he can not explain your website is your K even said "right down" are very far fetched, love Shanghai on a website drop right or K a website, all There is a very strict standard, it is not simple as your website drop right or K off, there is not in the first or second page only shows you the site is inappropriate, in this case you can do not go online to find "solutions", but should go to check and review the chain, check your data: you review these two days to do the work, and then compared with the previous, see what is not the same, as long as this part of the "different" to find out and then get rid of, but in some cases will return to normal web page website ranking will recover quickly, do not in disarray, some do not fit their own method of random drug, this would backfire, causing the site really is right down by K.

site website can not find, in this case, many owners will judge their own website is being in love with the sea K out, and then into all doubt and at a loss, this situation will usually have two kinds of people, one is outside the chain.

site home location. This is probably the most common most is all the owners want to see, at least he can explain your website snapshot is normal, in this case you should do is in accordance with the optimization scheme you make steadily advance their optimization work, the chain continue to check the website rankings included data, targeted the beginning of a new day of work.

webmasters to work every day is to open the webmaster tools query or site own website domain name, see your site changes, most of which concern the ranking should the number of home position in addition, because the home once the problem means that your site is down right or be K, the consequences are very serious, so home position occupies an important position in the small webmaster heart, ha ha IT net of today is to talk about the home location and the corresponding solutions, hope to help it to novice webmaster friends.

The first

: the first web page first

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