The actual share chain lost down the right remedy

(1), first of all we can’t poguanziposhuai, see the right to be reduced, the article is not updated, do not send the chain, the chain will continue to continue to update the site.

(2), the chain analysis of their own station: the first is to analysis the problem of the chain, such as the chain is your forum, B2B, B2C, Q & A, classified information platform and so on, look at the chain is what kind of.

Three, the chain

(1), can not be impatient, maintain a good attitude: we do not usually the most Er Shanghai dragon even if impatient, there are problems when we want to maintain a good attitude, if we do not have a good attitude, how to face Baidu, Google air /p>? "

(3), pay attention to the relevant directory carefully: this time not to change the site, to change until the recovery weight, stable slowly to change.

, a steady mentality, careful analysis, careful.

two can not be broken pot, increase efforts to update.

(2), up the chain skills: when the complement of the chain, you don’t follow my steps and apply a few accounts to do outside the chain, the chain more heat, the best new posts to the chain of the first page, because a few pages behind the effect is not very good. The weight of import >

chain has been a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the optimization path of the problem, can not deny the forum outside the chain has become one of the main chain of local owners, such as a forum, how many posts not made enough provisions of step with signature, we also need to slowly in the forum. Sometimes, when we had no title when hundreds of thousands of hair suddenly blocked number, leading to the chain lost a large number of search engine drop right, the author of the site a while ago also appeared in this issue, the author analyzes how to look below their site weight recovery.

(1), the chain: the chain a lost cause drop right, we need to make up the loss of the chain, which is the only way to do more high quality of the chain, some love Shanghai experience, love Shanghai, love Shanghai library encyclopedia, soft paper submission, classification purposes the website is of very good quality.

(2), increase the original update: how many articles updated daily, asked us to increase update based on the original, here the author wants to be right down the site, the original update, and 100% of the original update, the best day for each of the main column are original update.

The construction of the

(3), on the original: if we want to go in the Shanghai dragon in this industry, pseudo original is unreliable, write original articles must be practiced, we might as well take advantage of when the site is down right in our practice to write the original article, search engines love the original East West, especially is the press release, so the search engine can have a good impression on our site.

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