Shanghai dragon website optimization and search engine to make friends


, search engine optimization is really very easy, the key is we have to match up to them. What search engines, we give it what. It is love site structure clear, then we will provide the best website structure to it, so that search engine spiders can easily find it to the data, rather than on the site around the wall, go where it is; love good original content, we will use the best website editors. Provide web content is best for it, and to ensure that no acquisition, no plagiarism, absolutely original; it love layout reasonable words, then we are away from keyword stuffing and cheating, control the keyword density; it is love good grammar, then we can guarantee the website content is grammatical; it is outside the chain of love the chain of resources and high quality, we will provide a good address and this article to it. If the search engine optimization, we can ensure that the work attitude and working spirit, how could you often go to the site fluctuation of Web site optimization to visit

work in the Shanghai dragon company is very simple, every day and dealing with a search engine, but also to deal with different search engines, Google, love Shanghai, Bing and so on have become the object of website optimization. Because the search engine is our Yishifumu, so the search engine update, we always pray for them on our website: mercy, let new ranking quickly to the home page, let keyword ranking online site can be very good stability. But the search engine can really make our prayers? You can know the answer site to see fluctuations in the frequency of today. On 2012, in Shanghai Longfeng optimize business people, is not so trivial. Site keywords fluctuation has almost become a homely food. Three months, a big fluctuation, a small fluctuations, fluctuations in the frequency of this website so many Shanghai dragon company shouted: vulnerable vulnerable. But ask yourself: this result isn’t our own reflection? What we do on the search engine that can know the site fluctuations are really our own problems.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the key is to understand what is the real needs of the search engine. In fact, the search engine needs, we have given a clear answer: it is suggested that Shanghai dragon love site structure clear, original content good love, love good grammar, love good love good website layout, keyword layout, love the chain and the chain of the good resources and so on, these are search engine is a very early publication of the white paper, but also Shanghai dragon optimization very well aware of things. But we have to think about what search engines do: website structure chaos, website content, website content collection dysgrammatism, website structure unreasonable layout, a large number of low quality of the chain, the chain of the complete copy address etc.. What search engines love, we just don’t do what, this website optimization will have a good end?


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