Shanghai dragon engineer and his three lovers

second lovers: time: 12 noon, open micro-blog, what is micro-blog? Don’t you know that? Micro-blog is known as the Internet on the new entrance, is Chinese "opinion leaders" and "social relations. Are you playing micro-blog, micro-blog in the play you. Micro-blog decoration >

today is the fifteen year of the horse, and the Western Valentine’s day February 14th just hit on this interesting phenomenon, appeared only once in 19 years, the last time in 1995, the next will appear in 2033. The Lantern Festival first appeared in February 4th (1966), the latest in March 6th (1985). In this very interesting and three days of my lover I spent a wonderful day. Friends of your Valentine’s Day is over? Is it?

this Valentine’s day, and Tomb-sweeping Day are the same, are flowers, to eat, and then say a bunch of coax ghost, finally put a gun. Valentine’s Day is people talking nonsense. Valentine’s Day is old short ~ buy a gift, send a flower, the day passed, howl ~ ~ do not buy gifts and flowers, the day is sad, you know what is today the most painful thing? You know, is "holidays, gift not ready!" there’s more painful! You know? Is the "gift, no lover, what it is not, the most painful not?" gift, Valentine’s wife, was found…… That is not what, the most painful is to know what?? "gift, send home with his wife, his wife found with other holiday…

First Lover: time: 8 in the morning, open WeChat, what is WeChat? Don’t you know that? The WeChat product line includes three WeChat, WeChat, WeChat public platform business platform for different products, WeChat is a personal communication tool, WeChat public platform with media properties, can be user management, sending messages, custom reply, to achieve brand push accurate information to subscribers. WeChat is the spread of point to point, strength lies in let the small circle inside the more direct communication, make communication enterprises and customers more accurate, its propagation force is weak but for micro-blog, the content is more demanding, to understand that small individuals have their own brand of WeChat! There is a girl called my uncle said, this year is the year of the horse, to give birth to a baby horse how ah!!!! WeChat about gun artifact seems not just a legend, this woman on WeChat have charming and enchanting, just sumianchaotian, brought out very face that meet, say, about a good hotel meet, room today is really difficult to find a few, have no empty room, but to find a more expensive, time of day to meet in a public occasion is always under two rules. I have not had time to take off his jacket, woman on her arms around my neck. I hold the girl said, go out to eat breakfast, she said no, I said that I want to eat breakfast, I put the girl up to the bed…

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