The diversity of the anchor text to maximize the rapid promotion of search engine ranking

is the so-called anchor text keywords in the page, a link to the target page. When the search engine spiders visit, will reach the target page via the link at the same time, access to the target page via the link anchor text information. So, the anchor text anchor text must be highly generalization of the target page. At the same time, this text will be search engine ranking as one of the important factors. Therefore, the anchor text and the content of the target page is closely related to. For example, the content of the target page is about "the cause of bad breath", when you do other pages, when there are "bad breath" of the word, you can do on the link to the page. But you can’t not related words such as the word "Shanghai dragon" to the page.

first, the anchor text location to thediversity words. The so-called diversity refers to the same target page can have a plurality of different location words to refer to, for example, a page is about halitosis disease, when the other page appears "the cause of bad breath" and "how to do" bad breath halitosis "what happened", can do the anchor text links to this page at the same time, it also do the optimization of long tail keywords. Not a single word such as blindly use the word "breath" to refer to, so the anchor text is very natural, not because of Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, a search engine will also give the weight of the anchor text, so as to improve the whole station friendliness, or may be subject to the search engine drop right even K station.

anchor text plays a decisive role, it is said that a certain amount of anchor text can subvert the search engine ranking. Therefore, in the process of daily website, be sure to use good anchor text anchor text, make the function to the extreme. For example, do the anchor text text to try to choose the keywords of the target page, and don’t use the "click here" and "see more" so this nonsense word.

The same words appeared each article in We suggest that the

website, we do not propose to do anchor text. For example, I have to help people optimize the website "> treatment of halitosis

because of the anchor text is so important, so we in the optimization of daily work, to make good use of this tool. Anchor text do good for ranking advantageous or even determine the ranking, and do not be counterproductive. I will give you the following matters to the attention of the specific analysis.

, if repeated a certain keyword, the first occurrence of the word link can only need to do. If the back appear also point to the target page, is not natural, and the search engine will only calculate a.

the second source of the anchor text to diversity. What is the anchor text of a page to be from the same site, as far as possible from a number of different stations. This breadth and link is the same reason. More than one person on your website to vote than the same person to vote several times, the effect is different.

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