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mentioned here refers to the anchor density, in a content region appeared in frequency. In the traditional automatic chain plug-in, the anchor may be concentrated at the beginning. This is not a good phenomenon, not only affects the reader’s mood. At the same time, the search engine will also be the link that concentrated area is a deliberate operation link behavior, will more alert to the.

2, the chain when the chain within the chain, the construction of natural

automatic chain may bring risks. They will make the crawling links, disrupting the reader’s attention. Too many links will distract the weight. We should hold the construction of internal links access control in their own hands. My advice is to install a very good control of the plug-in, you can link and anchor text, rel attributes, the position of control, the key word appears in what page. Then use the method of manual input keywords, create your keyword list, only the list of keywords will produce the link in the article, and only link 1-2. Why not let the automatic label within the chain? I personally think that the chain a tag has enough, no longer in the internal links, moreover, not every tag has in the value chain, on the other hand, if the label does have value, you can manually add. We strictly control the key is, in order to let the chain play its weights of the transfer function, rather than to escape the punishment of the search engine.


what is natural in the chain? Is the natural link, not deliberately anchor text, or appear in the template keyword, but to play the role of reference and theoretical support, information supplement, resource and other incidental behavior in the article link. Automatic chain chain is different from the nature described above, automatic chain is often not divided into context, as long as the string matching chain, the chain is divided into natural context, i.e. when one needs to be deepened explanation, supplement and confirm material words, we add the corresponding link. The site within the chain if natural links, as we were in their own website links to their website, but still have to follow these links to appear natural and useful, and is useful, those links we can completely remove not essential. The construction of the chain of the natural reference, we study the best target is Wikipedia, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

3, anchor link density (compactness)


1, do not use the automatic chain free plug-in

Lee in the chain to talk about the good, with a word of a natural link. In fact, when we reflect on the internal link, is the same reason, what is good within the chain within the chain link of nature?. The chain many people simply as a variety of casual links, but I think it needs more attention, this paper emphasizes the problem of random chain. In order to avoid the problems in Shanghai Longfeng chain caused by random, according to some experiences I put forward five proposals:

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