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we set up a marketing type website, is a need to determine the target audience, namely customer groups. Then is the relevant keywords, users often choose search habits and search phrases, combined with the Shanghai dragon skills, write the title and description of the website. The flow of construction, we need to do is content and links, the significance lies in the results flow transformation, therefore, when the website design requires suddenly certain advantages, around these to write some original article, update the website content is in the law, and other sites to exchange links with the link address in soft Wen, or do some link bait to increase site traffic. But there are enough traffic, of course not, users need to have a crush on the site, according to the formation of patience, is simply a deeper impression, improve the friendly user of the website, can flow into customers.

from the user’s point of view in addition to send >

some time ago, suddenly feel very depressed, just like "if there is no search engine, how will the world", wrote some messy, but also write some contradiction of his heart, and felt today, even if there is no search engine, so the website optimization is the same need to exist need to mention that, broadly speaking Shanghai dragon just search engine optimization means, is a part of the website optimization, so, even if there is no search engine, we still need to optimize other needs, which contains an important focus, that is the user experience, search engine oriented and user oriented, this should be the website optimization and search engine optimization is essentially different.

of course, we are not necessary to seriously, a lot of the time, for us, this is one thing, to do the work that all Shanghai dragon knows the user’s experience of the problem. In simple terms, the user experience of a comprehensive overall experience is when the user visits the site, including the user for the website of impression and feeling, to optimize the performance of user experience is to the user as a guide, like the website navigation bar settings, open speed website, website layout is not reasonable, the web is not suitable for convenient to save and print, website content is not very rich, is not valuable, can bring with a sense of trust, these are in fact. Until now, there is no what special as standard to illustrate the user experience, but the small and medium-sized enterprise website will carry out some design, need to be able to allow users to quickly find contacts, or find their own needs accurate product information and pictures, it only need to site distinct levels, beautiful style the atmosphere, reflect the proper almost. In addition, the relationship between the degree of user experience and Shanghai dragon is very close, the ranking algorithm now love Shanghai will investigate the user experience of the website, the user experience of the website will be judged to be high quality high ranking website, also has some focus, then the following simple introduce based on user the experience of the website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy layout.

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