How to design the enterprise to optimize the inside pages

negative cases:




to search for "love Shanghai ecological wood" ranked second in the "Xinhua ecological wood" website as a case, ranking stable in the home has been a long time, how about his page design?

1. the illustrated picture description is very intuitive, saving the user time cost.

pages often mistake:

page similarity can not be more than 80%, more than 80% search engines will think the two page is copied or copied, for our web page is very difficult to collect, there may appear upon the right to delete the search engine, of course is not only to compare the content of your site, and also to you the contents were compared with other sites, we do not know the search.


page similarity.The

a day we talked about introduced enterprise website optimization home page design thinking, in this section we will talk about how to design the enterprise inside pages is more conducive to the user experience.


first thinking questions:

The content of

through the analysis of the top 20 web sites only Xinhua ecological wood brand website provides ecological wood prices, ecological wood specifications through the column the column, click the needs of users is very large, this is the advantage, has good difference value.


column is to solve the ecological wood price on users’ demand for ecological wood prices, content and theme of the column is the correlation is very good.

ecological wood website, related knowledge, industry information column, add the content directly and not related to the theme of the user is the view of ecological wood related information, and offer you the content is independent of the user damage spam, a cry up wine and sell vinegar behavior.



2. the good readability.

positive case:

3. compared with their peers more accurate content.

your website pages and colleagues compared to what advantage, value? (value added and differentiated value)

column and the content of topics related to

The content of the added value of The


page will lead to similar through high page not included, possibly causing the site to drop right. Especially the enterprise products stand column picture, most have a picture, no words of introduction, so we must pay attention to the website, the page similarity to a minimum.

to this ecological wooden pavilion prices in

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