New practice Different Sex Crazy chain and directional submission

The basic situation:

Shanghai Dragon: after every day a original (from the network, not at the same time, love Shanghai) add a link to the home page in the article, several key words in bold. After the start of the chain, the chain form is generally used in various forums, soft signature, message board, classified information, etc. know. Lasted more than a month, today the data chain 2630, included 7, 1 of the weight of love Shanghai, PR2. Anti chain 4, a PR3 three PR2 are updated daily management, regular website. But the site types are not related.

Shanghai: August 4th start of the dragon, every 1-2 original article, inside the chain only the copyright, not bold text. Do not send any garbage outside the chain, and only in the webmaster nets. Submission link for the article link anchor text for the site name. No Links. One article was reprinted, of course, is not the anchor text reproduced.

CN domain name, also purchased in May 31st, beginning on the day of filing. After the filing of July 29th on the line, no collection content, completely original, so far a total of 18 articles. Don’t know is lucky or what, an on-line love Shanghai included home, stay in the absence of snapshot website program just installed.

second website: high quality soft grammar

first website: garbage chain method

17 August: 1 months after the start of the page snapshot included, never updated after the complaints to the complaint a snapshot of the day. Several main keywords ranking stable, not rising, not at home.

(different of the original address > New Practice: submission and orientation of the chain crazy

My conclusion:

first website: the domain name was purchased in July 12th, has prepared a /*- case of the domain name, a week after officially launched, during title, keywords, content changes several times, but are not included in the change of circumstances. The station from the site, I was part of a collection, but the acquisition of the resources are not included in the love of Shanghai, a total of more than 400 articles. Can be said to be 90% of the original site.

3, high quality soft Wen contribute to the recording and snapshot.

2, a large number of the chain is still useful for PR.

August 17 situation: 18 articles included 10 love Shanghai, general posts are the next day included, love Shanghai weight 1, pr0.

1, a large number of the chain help keyword ranking. But for the recording and snapshot results basically useless.

after 1 months of construction time, I through different ways to the promotion of the use of two sites, to observe today seems to have begun to stabilize, included forward. I say I experience two sites this month now.

First talk about the basic situation of

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