How to do the basic work site optimization


Links is a channel of website weight transfer, with many high weight site link weights obtained are high, this is what we usually call jinzhuzhechi. And if high weight site one-way links, then get the weight will be more common in this way link; if you have good resources, can also with unidirectional links.

first, do the basic architecture website

site is on the outside of the chain to transfer, so the chain is the site to enhance the weight of the road will go. The chain is also high, only the high quality of the chain is helpful for weight ascension will be, because the webmaster friends in the chain, as far as possible to choose a relatively high weight of the site, the weight of high weight site transfer is relatively high.

wants to increase website weight should start from their own, the site built after selecting a good domain name is the key to let the user easy to remember domain name, the domain name suffix generally choose.Gov,.Edu at the end of the better, because the weight of the domain name search engine is relatively high; the website space must be stable, moment which website can be opened normally, especially the search engine update time; the site layout must be clear, namely, what is to code the structure optimization and layout optimization, because good structure can accelerate the search engine traffic speed, I remind you, the site as far as possible the use of pictures, flash, JS code so, the browser can reduce the loading speed, improve the user access speed.

three, high quality Links

method to increase the weights of the website a lot, but no matter what kind of method, as long as good good can receive good returns. Please note: 贵族宝贝

The chain of

four, a stable and effectiveThe weight of

I do not know stationmaster friends when doing Links, whether because the website included less, website snapshot is not normal but were rejected? Site included less, not updated snapshot after all is because the weight of the site does not lead to higher, how to increase the weight of their site? Today I will combine some of my shallow knowledge to tell about, inadequacies also hope you will forgive me.

value of the original article

webmaster all know the original article not only loved by the users, there is value to search engine, if a good original article was reprinted many sites, so your link will also be reprinted many times, which means that your website will have a lot of high quality of the chain. However, some sites in the reproduced article will remove your site links, we need to pay attention to at this point, after the release of the original article, such as search engines, and then get the other site, so as to keep their original articles and search engine spiders, and can follow the links to you site.

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