What should we learn what to go to Shanghai dragon WHY

I do not, so far, I want to study by Shanghai dragon WHY students too many to count, less also thousands, most of the participants in the study has been completed, are in strict accordance with the implementation of the anchor chain, navigation, four words, five golden rules for beginners are often lack of passion. To insist for a long time, but how effective, I think most of them are unknown and known. The reason why we go to Shanghai dragon WHY learning, want to learn to do with their site ranking Shanghai dragon WHY as good, hope oneself can also stand with it, for several years has been ranked first in Shanghai to love, but I want to say, the first is not only in the course of that time, anchor chain in a word, navigation, around five such simple gold law problem, need a strong mind enough planners, since it is strong, we will analyze why it is strong, and can learn from the good method, rather than follow a few training soft rope cattle go, then what is the core of Shanghai dragon WHY optimization ideas? Here are some of my personal views:


1. is the original

2. is a chain of


need a website with original content is beyond doubt, Shanghai dragon why all original content, is only his creation is the essence of the article, the original article can be said to lay a very solid foundation for Shanghai dragon WHY first rank, but once the website developed, the business will come, need to operate, how much time you have to original? You can persist for a month, half a year, you can insist on so early for three or five years? By their original Shanghai Longfeng ideas only, we can see, now the Shanghai dragon WHY there are several articles is the only A5 I wrote a few articles? Is graph king to write their own


before reading this article, you don’t think I am what Shanghai Longfeng expert, here only a short comment off, Shanghai dragon WHY, like many webmaster, I am also Shanghai dragon WHY students, is 24 by A5 to Shanghai dragon WHY study group purchase, after a month you can say a lot of training, indeed in Shanghai dragon WHY learned, but not the systematic study of the Shanghai dragon tutorial, to SEHWHY training, to get the real Shanghai Dragon Canon

so, I recognized the original, but I do not believe that on their own can make stronger every day of the original station.

because only the character, relationship circle, Shanghai brand dragon WHY, exquisite article, resulting in Shanghai dragon WHY link is very much, but I always think that the chain is not the website optimization way, the chain is a hormone drug, can quickly improve the short-term rankings, with the bad will not become a "double-edged sword", so the website ranking can be a hero, the evergreen chain is not the largest in the chain can not be competition factors, to really than the chain of words, to buy PR7 link is only 100 yuan each, then I think it would be Shanghai dragon W>


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