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App Store is designed for mobile application distribution of IOS ecological chain, by the end of 2016 the number of app store applications have a conservative estimate of more than 2 million, analyst Sensor Tower expects the number of 2020 App Store application will be more than 5 million applications market, although which contains many App, but the basic optimization of many products is not good, so can not get more users of all ages.

believes that asoer knows app store also has a certain weight, comments comments not to sort by time, so we can judge the app store user account is the weight, it is recommended when the comment to make use of the high weight account operation (5 stars, are not all such explicit comments too fake)

want to upgrade app store keywords covering number are two ways.

(application description)

app users to understand the screenshot is the most direct window, so this position must be the core of product optimization, can set the color for each screenshot, screenshot, screenshot and enlarge the title enhanced background color contrast methods to attract the user’s attention to.

App store key word weight position is very high, the weight after the title key words, if you choose the word you can get good rankings directly, combining with word segmentation, store app in the choice of when the group of words function reasonable use keywords, when I first took over the interaction of this product app through the word, the word group keywords covering number up to more than 300, the number of the top 10 keywords direct promotion to more than 130.

6, increase the coverage of

1, the application Title Optimization

application ratings and reviews


2, 100 character keyword optimization


optimization application screenshotThe application of

4, the

today Xiaobian interaction it and share with you how to do App Store keywords ranking list, optimization for application developers to get more customers.

whether in a Android or App application market Store title is the highest weight, so the title must be according to their own characteristics, product positioning and user needs to carefully screened keywords.


App application description not yet joined the app store index appear only as app, but with apple in recent years the action is not difficult to find that the near future will guess the application description included in the index, so whether to introduce products or to increase keyword ranking, the application description must highlight the characteristics and advantages of their products and the difference between information and competing products.

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