The long tail keywords selection techniques and optimization method of enterprise website

, a good optimization of the long tail word

two, the long tail word selection techniques

recently, the author in the optimization process of the website in addition to web page optimization target words, the other is the website page to optimize the long tail word, long tail word can be found in the course of time has brought huge traffic to the radiator enterprise website, from the analysis of traffic are mostly to the long tail words flow and weight the rest is the target word. The author first introduced what is the long tail keywords: website of non target word but can bring search traffic keywords called long tail keywords to the site, and the characteristics of the long tail word is long, often is 2-3 words or phrases, there is the content page, in addition to the title out there in the content of general search volume is very small, the stability is not very good, but with the overall weight up, stability is better, this is the long tail word. Experience here by the author with the majority of building materials enterprise owners under the exchange for the selection and optimization of the long tail word.

with the growth of Internet information explosion, more and more Internet users on the Internet to search a variety of text to find what you want, it also proves that the Internet era has gone beyond our reality, when netizens want to find and buy a product in the sea, they will be in Shanghai in search of love frame type "a product which brand best if type on a product do not understand, they will love Shanghai search box input" what type of a product of the best "if the price of a product is not very familiar with, they will be in love Shanghai search box input" how much is the price of a product money". These are often we think, but also the user conveniently input text, but these words can really help to want to buy a product users. Can think and that these words are a long tail keywords, the necessary channel is a website to get traffic station.

then, the long tail word selection techniques. Now the long tail word selection techniques, the author summarizes some effective methods, there is love, love Shanghai Shanghai related search promotion background thesaurus and the third long tail word mining tools, love Shanghai.

first, the optimization of the long tail word benefits. The long tail word for any type of website, the author here is mainly about the long tail word reflected on the content, in the column page and the special page deployment will not write. In fact, is the usual summary in optimization of the experience, and not worth mentioning is normal, but can help the enterprise website do long tail optimization. We look at what is the optimization of the long tail word long-term benefits, to optimize the long tail word can bring customers for the enterprise, can bring traffic to the site, the user through the search engine to search long tail keywords can quickly search to the enterprise website title, if the user experience, users will take the initiative to click in view the content, if the content is suitable for the user, the user will buy the company’s products, of course, the idea is different for each user. This is the optimization of long tail keywords benefits.

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