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fell in love with the sea move indeed to some extent increase the user experience. When using the Internet users love Shanghai search in obtaining the required information is more convenient. Love Shanghai as a domestic search market leader, 360 search makes it more and more feel threatened status

search for "QQ" when:

In this paper,

in search of general terms, there will be the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the simple interpretation of love, and will be under some promotion link display,

search "Shanghai dragon"

(贵族宝贝zzmfh贵族宝贝/) by webmaster cube original, reproduced please indicate the source, is a personal opinion, welcome friends to provide different views of

2. is a day to find information depends on the search engine users, we need is the user experience the best search engine


summary: 1. no competition, no progress


is the revision is an act of love for Shanghai to search competition? Of course, so that customer satisfaction is the important purpose.

two pictures can be found in the search when the commonly used software, will directly show the relevant software download link

So we can say that

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is the 360 search before the launch of the "good doctor search" is mainly due to the proliferation of false medical advertising, 360 is the purpose of a "clean, safe and trusted" search engine, we and whether he can do, at least the starting point is good, in a certain extent, the activation of the the search engine market competition, no competition, no progress, love the sea bottom previous paging links replaced the pagination links and search results with paws icon link encryption hyperlink, this several revisions are announced to enter the search engine market appeared officially in 360.

recently, careful friends should find love Shanghai in the search results page of the revision on the left side of the page more than a place, I thought it was a browser issue, so I changed the Google browser that is still the same, restart the computer no, ask the other friends. That is the same. I love that Shanghai must have what major activities.

to this evening (May 7, 2013), Shanghai open love search results page, the blank area found before had disappeared, and the right side of the page is the emergence of new content, the content is determined based on the search of the content, in order to facilitate the comparison I cut the two picture:

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