Do not ignore the negative effect of your keywords for the more Perfect

How to correct negative keywords

first, Qingdao Shanghai dragon under the first to introduce what is negative keywords. It is widely used in the so-called negative keywords matching and phrase matching, if you see through the search terms report is not related to the search term, and through the love of Shanghai statistics found that these words can’t bring into, you can add negative keywords, that contains these words search words do not trigger your promotion results.

1, negative keywords need no object: what is the need to deny the object? Is the specialist in the operation of bidding price, need to consider is whether a keyword search, is the real customers we need. A lot of medical industry complaints bidding advertising is too big, but the real benefit is very few, this is the medical industry must make me good. So, what kind of keywords is to deny the


of course, it is undeniable that now the hospital industry will be directly on the peer for word, but in fact, we need to take into account the point is that in any industry, brand word has accounted for a big position, there is a certain influence. So, for their own industry can long to marketing, so you should be negative peer keyword.



believe that many of the medical industry is not particularly valued the role of Shanghai dragon, after all, from the sea after falling in love with K station, Shanghai station to optimize the lead to love is not particularly valued, but after all, means Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is particularly low, therefore, have to let the medical industry have devoted themselves to this piece of land auction highlights, how will the bidding save to a minimum, the highest revenue increase, which is a lot of concern in medical industry. Today, on this point, Qingdao Shanghai dragon to introduce, do not ignore the negative effects of your keywords, bidding Perfect.

B, can not bring into words. The so-called transformation can not bring the words of some words is not our direct words, but.

so, why would these irrelevant keywords negative, do not believe that this ratio explain, this is so you can get more potential customers through access at the same time, filter unnecessary click Show, reduce transaction costs, improve the rate of return on investment. I believe that, you will be interested in what the negative keywords, following Qingdao Shanghai dragon will continue to introduce.


A, peer brand word. I believe that many hospitals in time for promotion, will find that some words are similar, especially in some military hospitals, will take some widely used words to do their own brand, this leads to a problem that many similar keywords, search their brand word, peers and even competitors for advertising will by matching the show, in order to avoid internet users click on their bidding in, found not to find their own hospital and left, causing losses, so not out of the brand, in order to avoid invalid click

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