Analysis on the optimization of the local moving website perfect experience

experience 3: any external methods are important factors to guarantee the internal stability, so is the site, whether the chain, how to optimize the cattle, but don’t remember stability point, and the server! Keywords before the fierce competition, don’t go to see the opponent across the powerful, many people will see the bidding time how much, on the back, in fact, most people will be back, you do it, make a feature, you can do the first. The hearts of the people are afraid of the opposition but it only tried to do, do, will bear fruit.

2 experience: for any site, new sites, new domain name, but definitely better than the old old domain name, but you want more than him, you have to have than his ability to reason, of course, not Shanghai dragon ability, actually imagine a website like ecosystem, is walking in front of the top, who decided the future life, who dominate the network flow, it is the difference, if the chain was standing in 56, Youku, chinaz. You can follow to do, do the same thing, so certainly not compared to each other. So the difference from the chain, chain, articles, etc.. Don’t be too homogeneous, different people will find it only luminous point of your site.

language: I was not the most excellent Shanghai dragon >

is not only the summary of experience: optimization mentality, is the internal security, not only to better optimize good optimization method, one determines the program, determines the demand for Internet users to understand what, what you do to optimize the industry, what kind of thing, this is the case for site optimization! Display text in fact, the work is very simple, the program structure word layout is clear, regularly updated web content, the chain is no longer blindly doing, insist on tolerance which is also the most important I have been optimized followed by the choice of site, I do not pay attention to the site optimization on the lifting speed, I pay attention to the site optimization stability.



experience 1: do not bother to do too many things, as many webmaster may really hard, but I always think that pay and harvest must be proportional to the optimization in fact sometimes is a kind of mentality, the optimization of multiple sites, the most experience is the more you want to rank the effect is not good. It is better, so the mentality is very important, do not see the ranking drop that day is depressed, life is not full of work, so the webmaster, happy and optimistic attitude is important.

I will first introduce the operation of a local moving website, website keywords ranking top three, IP20-30 PV 2 times, and the website domain name is bought, too, but now faced by K ranking has been very stable, do not deliberately go to the chain, but an important factor in the first half of this year’s ranking stability listen to me slowly come below.

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