Behind the website ranking

: the first original website article

and on the one hand is the domain name, when we visit other sites, sometimes in order to be able to help you, may directly enter the website domain name, and not to enter the WWW form of the domain name, this has led some people to visit your web site using WWW in the form of domain name, some people do not use with the form of WWW domain name to access your site.

we all know that the owners of the home, such as A5 webmaster website, as long as we contribute, through the love of Shanghai, almost seconds to collect our articles, the original article, the first is to enrich the content of the site, the second is to improve the user experience, imagine, if the owners of the home, A5 website article love is not original, Shanghai will be included so fast? Even included the article, all the same article, you are willing to the owners of the home, A5 website article? I think unlikely. But the search engine is designed to service users, if users feel that your website is not so important, the search engine will pay attention to your website? So we write in, to a lot of thought, rather every day update an original article than you directly copy and paste 100 the article is much stronger.

second, the stability of the space domain and high consistency

The stability of A high degree of consistency of

original article is a website to stable rankings, we analyzed some sites, we can also find some website ranking is very good, but when query the site of reverse link, we will find that this site is not the reverse link we imagined so much, ranking factors visible effect the site is not only the reverse link, the original content is to determine a website ranking.

space is a direct response to a standard user experience, if we visit a website, such as 5 seconds to open, wait 10 seconds to open, you will continue to wait? I think 99% people will directly close the page and go! Spider is the same, when it access to your space, always slower than others for a long time the site, it will "go away", do not think that only your valuable time, time is very precious spider.

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster should have such doubts, a website of their own hard work, after a period of time after the optimization, the website has a good ranking, but this situation is not very long, after a period of time, all of the sites keywords fall, I think no matter who has encountered such a thing, is a very annoying thing! You want to analyze it, do not know where to start, and the more you think later more that a good website won’t listen to reason, how irrational no ranking first, you have to? Know a website if you want to keep a good ranking, we must do the following:

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