How do the Shanghai dragon training will Shanghai dragon show people with the most popular way

then I asked a question: "the Shanghai dragon since so that you want to make money, do not want to learn." After the students said. Have a thorough understanding of Shanghai dragon is used to do what, in their brain will "make money" in Shanghai Longfeng equate, of course, money is something we.

– specific training process

many people do not understand what is the Shanghai dragon, if you are a Shanghai Longfeng professionals, has many years of research on ranking research, how do you bring your own idea, and you know the search engine express to others? This paper is about real events, the author also experienced things in this paper, I will give you a summary of experience sharing, Shanghai dragon training aspects need to pay attention to skills and other related content.

I do not recommend in the training of Shanghai dragon PPT show, if only the Shanghai dragon, as well as data salon things like PPT can be used to display specific PPT imaging can do Shanghai Longfeng optimization curve and the matter of search engine marketing data, do not be in Shanghai Longfeng foundation the theory of knowledge on the PPT, easy to make people feel in a science class discipline and strict notes. Forget thinking. So in teaching the basic knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, is not recommended for making PPT.


open so I love Shanghai, search for "Fuzhou computer maintenance" page, let them see the page, the author further introduced, said: "if the first site above it, the author introduces its own website, you say someone will find me repair the computers, the students? So the answer is yes, because they often do such a thing, think the search engine to search results ranked first have more credibility.

then the more clear to tell you: "Shanghai dragon is actually a technology that your website ranking to the first keyword". The author describes this, make people understand more, thinking more accurately know Shanghai dragon is used to do what, how to create business value.

first the author introduces students to the Shanghai dragon exactly what to do, the author cited a "computer maintenance" example, the author said their computer maintenance repair technology, as well as in the local Fuzhou, but recently the business is relatively small, hope to pull more customers to repair 10 every day computer.

The author

Shanghai Longfeng more experience, the actual operation, and the theory of knowledge has been accounted for 20% at maximum, do so in the Shanghai dragon training when I propose to leave you with more time to think practical ideas.

the past few days has been open to others to do the training course, this subject to Shanghai dragon as a science to teach,

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