Shanghai dragon is playing awareness and practices contest

optimization site has some unknown and uncertainty, which is depending on the search engine and the third party platform dependence caused by many Shanghai dragon promoter in distress why the rank of the website optimization promotion effect difficult to continue, why not optimistic, which is directly related with many operating methods. The user through the search to find your website, this is a normal, do the site there will be a natural flow of visitors and the normal. But many optimization evangelists habitual form operation. Let you send the chain, you start to normal fletcher. Don’t ask what to send the chain, the chain platform what? A high quality the chain can top the number of ordinary chain. Analysis of the causes of some optimization of the effectiveness of our normal to:

fourth, Fletcher Wulitou

promoter in Shanghai Longfeng website ranking the hard way, began to.

The chain site on the

second, content acquisition processing

not every anchor text point to the home page of this web site, if the other show is not enough, in Shanghai Longfeng work, each column page and special important page of the website can be regarded as an important link unit. This search "Nanjing Shanghai dragon company" can be found, there are 2 pages on the home page of my company’s official website, a home page, a page is special. Inside and outside the chain chain form of anchor text is the transfer of a weight, but not too concentrated, which will enter a restricted area of excessive optimization.


When a lot of

a lot of website content acquisition or copy and paste, the called "acquisition", which is one of the manifestations of a low quality website, website design, content (text, pictures, video, etc.), there is no originality, love Shanghai long on your site do not care about the outcome is likely to you the site may have a few included, even if there are a large number of high quality of the chain, the ranking is not in front of. Take Nanjing station to Erling network science and technology limited company website, every day we only update 1-2 original article, the chain is not much, but the search "Nanjing Shanghai dragon company", "hospital establishment company", "Nanjing hospital website optimization" and other key words are ranked Shanghai love home.

third, the anchor text point to a single

, the first link building monotone



platform becomes more complex, but there are still a lot of work in the Shanghai dragon did not clarify this issue. In the chain of doom chain to the home page, the chain with a platform where such short-term tens of hundreds, the effect is good, but love is found in Shanghai effect immediately dropped, which may be K or drop right. The love of Shanghai pomegranate and green radish algorithm on-line, group signature, station links, black chain, and the chain received repeat signature suppression. The new wave tide station K believe that many website owners are aware. Link building is a "fine".

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