The combination of theory and practice of Shanghai Longfeng road is ripe

I still remember, the university to learn english. I was finally advertising played loud, the personnel facilities good Wiebe attracted international english. Spent tens of thousands to training. I was disappointed. Some things are actually training is the most basic. But just give us a learning atmosphere. At this time, let me think. Now, the same no matter in a web site, can be seen everywhere in the Shanghai dragon training, buy Shanghai dragon success cheats books, and some large exchange activities. But I must tell you that you do these things back to you, you will be greatly disappointed. Why? Throughout history, no matter what industry, which the success of celebrity, in his pulpit, have not really put their years of understanding, to truly give you sincere enthusiasm from the audience? Tells is something you know. You know, knowledge is wealth, not to mention a few hundred, I think there will be millions who would give them tell you know. If that is true. So he can be an easy job to do the row in the first home position, say so, I think we all know where the truth lies.

every day I have a habit, is to look at the A5 forum, Shanghai dragon why forum, the forum of stationmaster of other famous forum to see the webmaster of the post, there are questions. Oh, but the result is the same, no matter how you sincere questions, without a clear answer. This time I think. Perhaps this is everybody in Shanghai Longfeng share, are reserved, who is not really willing to put themselves through hard work hard to come, easily tell you. But I want to tell you, in fact, what Shanghai Longfeng really concerned. Only a little more than others is your motivation.


we all know, the Internet, do not talk about love Shanghai PPC, customer acquisition, deal. But the other is hot Shanghai dragon get a lot of webmasters and enterprises of all ages. But the more we favor, many Shanghai dragon Er heart a lot of pain, why? The Shanghai website design to attracting network and exchange.

doing a Months and years pass by. repeated the same thing. Not hard, but also keeps play fast and loose search engine, confused. A heart cries, when is the end. But whether you feel feel? The only way to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, there is no shortcut. Only down to earth to do optimization, has basic foundation, continuous learning, expand the content, do the link construction, the real implementation in: "content is king, the chain for the emperor to approach".

so, the problem is very simple. Shanghai dragon cheats, as everyone knows, from continuous learning, summary, innovation. Good at grasping the regularity of search engine ranking. Often the successful person, not for the other.

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