Shanghai Longfeng innovation to make contributions to the development of website optimization tactic

1, from the original article inquiry platform for inspiration, now famous Q & a platform love Shanghai know, ask, I think, you can enter keywords in the question to understand what, what the user needs is a new topic now, so as to create the article with these topics.

1, the use of micro-blog propaganda website, now well-known micro-blog Sina and Tencent, the enterprise or the company site to the two micro-blog can be said that it is a success in micro-blog marketing, micro-blog registered and specific methods rely on their own efforts Oh > webmaster

Shanghai dragon three steps optimization orders – Optimization – complete, skilled operation let me feel a little confused, with continuous adjustment, love Shanghai algorithm for Google browser, many previous optimization techniques commonly used to now has no effect, a new optimization technique of Shanghai dragon seemed to become a the stumbling block. In the face of Shanghai dragon road more and more narrow, create new way out of narrow road has become the only way which must be passed, the author talks about how to innovate Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique, out of a Shanghai dragon road.


from the view of the current adjustment of the search engine algorithm, the original web content accounted for the proportion of more and more important, so the optimization of the first step should be starting from the original article. Optimization of the reality of the situation now is pseudo original, plagiarism, and in order to adapt to the search engine update to the original innovation, the author thinks that can create the original article from many aspects.

Shanghai dragon after creating a certain amount of original article has opened up a road to success, and on this road also need some counseling help, therefore also need some other ways to promote the Shanghai dragon road, the following specific talk.

3, from the social hot spots to create the original article, recent college entrance examination is a hot spot, and the composition of college entrance examination is always a topic of social concern, since the college entrance essay topic, we can see a lot of writing and related topics in the portal site, there is praise, discussion, narrative various articles whether you are a webmaster or special Shanghai Longfeng, these are to have the reference value.


gets 2, today’s news from the news source, now there are a lot of famous news website, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, people and so are some relatively large domestic news portal website, and if you are a webmaster may need is some Internet news, then A5, Chinaz, why, Shanghai dragon have you read the news may be the place, but there are a lot of news is worth you to write a few articles, such as "LETV is" 5 yuan "copyright dispute solution" how good this article can write a lot of valuable articles out of the Internet, which is a kind of innovation.

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