Talk about the three aspects of site stability should be paid attention to

website a website development, under this one premise, the most important for the site to provide a guarantee for everything, following the author according to their own understanding to write a website for the stability of three points, perhaps, have you left these places, there are lots place of study. The premise of stability, the success of the site, we usually work for the stability of Shanghai dragon, always put it in the first place, only to ensure the stability, the next step to improve, in order to have the next brilliant.

The three is that the stability of

two is stable, the stability of the server and the procedure stability and overall site, server stability, is not because of the time and for a long time down, not today the website cannot open, Shanghai will not let love find your site return code is 404, it will not let the user can not access the site, and not. Let the server more importance placed on the premise; the stability of the program is about the program change, you have seen the background program optimization, optimization of background program is the response time of the response time is tedious, including how to streamline the code, the code is more convenient for program to read, to improve the excellent rate, so this on the one hand, the most concern is the front page is unchanged, but the background program changes, so as to make the response Type have different change, also need to pay attention to the place; there is a web site, the overall stability, the stability is the stability that we often think of the structure stability, structure stability is maintained, ZhengZhan correlation is the most important title related parameters, a us all the website will have to deal with, and this is not easy to change the parameters, the title represents the most correlation with "overall, one could modify any se that changed your site correlation, and this change is among the most affected is the site of the overall framework so, that is how to maintain the stability of this phenomenon.

is one of the links we usually contact, stability is everything, for example, the hair of the chain, or the chain, one day can send thousands, all of these can do well, but it belongs to the chain chain, but how to calculate the stability. Can not guarantee the stability of the chain, not for your site had a favor, and what is more, and have a negative impact, not directly caused by domain in the first place, these are direct reflections of the local, stable, is outside the chain, my hair is a one, will not be deleted, will not disappear no, because the weight of the website changes affect a wide range of their website, will not be affected because the update Chain Forum, more will not be some change radically and direct sense of stability that is sacked; and points .

Stability is the premise of

, you have seen the contents of stability, whether the thought most of the content I have where to go, why are included in.

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