Love the sea area after the optimization direction of website ranking in advance

love Shanghai regional website ranking well in advance, the webmaster can according to the rules of Shanghai love, to the layout of the content.


content, in addition to text, the author thinks that the engineering case is the best use of the plate. If a lot of engineering machinery, life services and other sites have a case of a column. As a webmaster, just in case the list page, write "area + name of the case". If the author can be written in Changsha, Changsha XX Moumou installation case etc..

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I know that love is Shanghai a long time ago in advance of regional website ranking algorithm, but this time the adjustment is relatively large, in view of this phenomenon, the author made the following promotion thinking.

in Changsha sell parking lock, in the past, I will be the site of the main keyword optimization to love Shanghai home, a title like "product _ Changsha XX company", when consumers search for "Changsha + product" phrase, the website ranking effect of leverage, but the effect is big discount. Even local consumers in search of "product", the author of the website ranking no better than local website. In view of this situation, the author adopts a set of optimal utilization of the template, and then fill in some content, it is easy to optimize the word up in some areas.

home title area is the biggest factor for embedded website, ranking in the area of the second is the content. If you do a car website, if coupled with geographical words, but the content of the website is selling car wash, the correlation is not good enough, the natural ranking is not ideal. The content of correlation, if the home page shows, liquidity, relatively large changes. But with the case to do, liquidity.

2, with a case to solve related problems

friends all know this several day in Shanghai frequent adjustment algorithm, but the author yesterday and today have noticed a phenomenon. Pan search keywords, the overall ranking of regional sites are greatly enhanced, and remain so for 3 consecutive days. In the past, only love Shanghai regional promotion website rankings, but this time, I noticed a number of website ranking directly upgrade to more than 10, such as the search for the parking lock, a city rivals ranked 25, but the search area for Changsha, then search the parking lock, the rankings the amazing counter attack, directly ranked fourth, as shown below.

1, multi station regional ranking strategy to solve the problem of

some products have regional restrictions, such as large heavy machinery products, in different places may require expensive transportation and installation costs, and it is not suitable for the real door. This product station main target consumers are for local users, but at the same time, owners do not want to be confined to local area, can obtain a more broad market of consumers. In view of this situation, the author suggests using multi station strategy to solve the problem.

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