How to increase web site pages included

good? The content of better quality

1. web site to keep updated regularly, regardless of the content is original or reproduced in the article, according to the law update.

very simple operation, but earnest do people do little, or you can’t have so much junk website.

so82 simple introduce myself in updating the article, but also basically are included in the article.

The content of the website included screenshots of

: 贵族宝贝so82贵族宝贝/wltg/228.html so82

some big website or weight high website whether it is their own original articles or reproduced content, basically will soon be love Shanghai included, and released into the index results, but our small business website do? Is it because we update frequency low? Basically every day a few articles



note: the above method may not be effective to railway station,

2. website, website content is unique, is not the original Never mind, but must give the article a different title. If the web site contains many titles are the same, can only increase the amount collected, if you want to have ranking also need enough unique content.

3. more entrance website article, website homepage is a comprehensive platform for Web links, if you update the article is best not to update an article, the chain will go somewhere else to send some related content, increase the entrance love Shanghai spider climb take, timely grasping only index.

website: generally introduces some products on the site, some questions and business news, the inside pages of the site can be included for some companies, can effectively increase the enterprise website exposure rate, long tail word can effectively through the enterprise products, long time for customers effective flow. So how do we increase your website page

now website optimization in elimination and updates, but love Shanghai algorithm is similar, as long as the website ranking of the top 20, the top three for the old Shanghai dragon people are not what is difficult. A bit off topic, we say today is how to increase the content of the website pages included.

website content update, it can be said that all Shanghai Longfeng newcomers know something, so why not included? The following is a summary of three simple points of small website update:

!This article from the Some of the techniques below blog


is actually very simple, we have to do is to let the love of spiders in Shanghai find our update rules and quality. Love is to let the Shanghai spiders have rules to follow.

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