ndustrial products station only do well in the station optimization to get the ideal profit

This can make detailed classification of

second: edit website content needs skills

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the first point: do classification navigation

Internet age from birth to now has been in the past few decades, in recent years the development of the Internet is more and more fast, many traditional companies are Chinese Internet market, want to get a share of the money. A lot of the traditional industrial products is also holding such ideas into the Internet market, but being blocked, unable to obtain the ideal income.



users and administrators are very good to tell what kind of products they need, and it also effectively strengthen the site within the chain, the website content like a spider’s web connected, to enhance the site’s ranking is also the product of word is very helpful, so this point is the station optimization details of industrial products can not be ignored.

industrial products

(2) can edit some of the latest situation of the enterprise and the product dynamic. We collected with the others, might as well write some up-to-date information about their dynamic enterprise and product, this article although not always, but.

industrial products station which contains industrial products is various, light management can let the webmaster is dazzling, not to mention the user browsing the website. This time we should properly be classified into our main website, do a simple navigation. If a web site I recently took over the classification of navigation more successful:

edit website content is industrial products Station Station Optimization details, but the station of the source of industrial products is not easy, and many sites are being repeated after the acquisition. For example, the sand production line production steps "," sand production line advantages "and so on the article, this article put up even if there will be a lot of users to browse, talk about what the conversion rate. Then we should write what the website content to fill our gaps? I also consulted a lot more powerful website editor, they think, edit industrial product content when it should be noted that the

to improve website ranking is Shanghai dragon industrial products marketing network, but as far as I know, many industrial products are more focused on the station stood outside the optimization, every day outside the chain, for friends of the chain, but did not get the rankings, let alone get many ideal profit. There are several similar industrial products the station hands, through the optimization of the site, the author summed up the industrial products, should pay attention to the station in the station optimization in order to obtain the real ideal profit.

(1) web sites do not require timing quantitative update. More and more Shanghai dragon Er that only update the article to get good rankings, but if in order to update the content and collected some articles is completely mistaken is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, this will only cause the user antipathy.

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