How to use love Shanghai products to the website included surge

is through the above three points in June two included surge effect. The article is composed of 9100 brush pack 贵族宝贝 feeds, reproduced please keep the source. Recently, willing to test the webmaster friends if the test in the same way, you can share the results, so as to further summarize.


this three products like love Shanghai Post Bar interactive, so strong, but in the spider is not weak drainage. While for quantity to control, can be a little weaker. Of course, there is still the same, related to correlation.

We can see the

for a month to do the conclusion is not perfect, because only one example, and not all, but still have reference value. We have enclosed data figure:

This is the

correlation with activity both to conform to, will eliminate some of the industry’s products, because of the operation of the website is the brush class website, so the activity is very high. Firstly, the author posts are bags from the brush on the site, and then take the link with the text link list page. This is by introducing the spider, also can be imported directly from Post Bar flow, increase the number of pages accessed with PV. (PS: at night than during the day the interactive interaction, post a day 10-20 article can be

) Love Shanghai Post Bar

two, Shanghai (love experience, encyclopedia, Library)

first search engine cannot be considered garbage collection site site. Or even was collected, then will also be deleted. And our website is updated every day a total of 15 articles, updated every day, the same weekend. Of course, this is not to say that 15 articles are original content, we have about 5 pieces of pure collected articles. Of course, the structure of the site here is not taken into account, because this was supposed to be ready early.

three, website update

included jumped the time on Thursday, so be sure to update on Thursday, if you forget to update, the snapshot is likely to lead to stay. This is a small detail, friends should pay attention to details. The operation method here is the author:

activity, correlation



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