The Shanghai dragon misunderstanding to test whether you have been brainwashed Shanghai dragon

we usually talk about the website of Shanghai dragon, that is simple to do a keyword love Shanghai home position, no matter by what means (of course, cheating is not desirable), as long as we can achieve our desired results on ok. Just imagine, what is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon, is SEM. This is said to get traffic right through the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon achieve higher conversion rates right? But if you really have a lot of keywords you want to do the home page, but failed to retain customers, the conversion rate is almost zero, so then what is the use of Shanghai dragon only. That is your Shanghai Dragon good skills, you go beyond a lot of people, but at the same time, but also to the Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding, the word in the website optimization process is often used to say things. One aspect of today I also talk about my understanding of Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, we don’t talk too much of the Shanghai dragon skills, only talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you know how deep the end.

here, I still have to mention is that you can also use a search engine to enter the same keywords other website. You see these competitors have worth learning place, if any, please immediately record and make the next adjustment for your website. In this way, observe the competitor’s website more, absorbing the essence and discarding the dross, for our own will be a new face of the website. This with the previous article "the chain need to learn more about others.

here, talk about how to improve the user experience. I think this method is more suitable for beginners to learn, but for Shanghai Longfeng experts, should be the homely food. Well, I talk about the method, if the customer through the search engine into your site, but the residence time of only 5 seconds, then your website will fail. As for the specific reasons which allow customers to leave, have to carefully study their own. Here is a simple method for reference, first you simulate the customer, from the customer’s perspective, and through the search engine into your website, your website from reason records. To identify deficiencies in their own websites every day, for a long time, the user experience is better than ever several times.

above, I understand that Er has been Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon "brainwashed". As you say, not to Shanghai and Shanghai to Phoenix Phoenix, user experience to Shanghai dragon. Why the user experience is so important, as we all know, user experience good site, love Shanghai will naturally give very high ranking, so if no search engine, you will go in accordance with the previous way of doing Shanghai dragon? The answer is no, that is to say, at present a lot of Shanghai Dragon er or in order to search engine optimization, so it is the Shanghai dragon in the circle have been "brainwashed" is still a serious problem.

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