The target keywords are the optimization and integration of cloud is king

Shanghai dragon is a high price.

search engineThe Don’t let

1. do not reserve and target keywords

website in the whole website belongs to the leader, the search engine is generally believed that the connections are generally more important. So, for those long squat in the connected home still is should not give the weight but to vote for the other pages? The easiest way is to remove some irrelevant connection optimization. But these pages also need to exist, then nofollow is the best choice, similar to contact us, and we can link the record on dilute off, let the spider more afraid to useful web site. This method does not necessarily work but will be said to give the home page, the inside pages and the pages are acting more crawling, creeping quantity, included also worry about

2. anchor text single interference judgment

3. home to reduce unnecessary losses

search engine algorithm is always inclined to the user, the user can search what, what search engine, how to judge the quality of a page, this is we need to carefully study, so the chain in the anchor text is too single often lead to sites deemed excessive optimization, opposite this effect, so the anchor text should be also present a 28 model, is part of a focus on the home page, the other part focused on the column or page of the article, this method can refer to Google Webmaster Tools "on the web site to connect to your site -" in the table, the more the number of pages in the table, the more overall weight big.

recently felt Shanghai Longfeng industry as a whole shows an impetuous state, like everyone in the night every day to update the site, outside the chain, the optimization of keywords, and the important point is it day and night regardless of the efforts of many people rarely return is proportional to the flow rate. Shanghai dragon masters including Cardiff, China Ping, Zac’s speech have revealed a direction of Shanghai dragon, that is the integration and optimization, integration and Optimization for large and medium-sized site, is undoubtedly an important means to enhance the level of the site. So in the end the integration and optimization should focus on what and how to carry out detailed planning? Today I summarized several masters ideas to share with you.

sometimes we found the target keywords can really get a lot of traffic, love Shanghai index is higher, the greater the flow, if the words can do, then there will be no small flow, so that the entire site weights are concentrated in a certain key words, the articles are in fact look around the key update some successful website, they have long since abandoned the keyword label, the purpose is to spread the weight, site overall weight increased, resulting in the eighty percent and 28 laws of flow. So, in most cases, when we made a careful analysis of the website data, this method can be considered, to spread the weight, improve the overall strength of website.


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