Shanghai SEM quality of love really so important

in love Shanghai SEM all know, keywords ranking and bid decision not only related to the quality of ideas is more and have important. High quality creative degree can not only get good rankings, but to a certain extent reduce the keyword click price, is also the focus of most of the love of Shanghai SEM working every day. Love Shanghai clearly pointed out that if the quality of creative in a star, is unable to obtain the qualification of the left side show, even if the bid is not high. Of course, the frequency of false advertising auction, love Shanghai in order to maintain their own image and the interests of customers, this is perfectly logical and reasonable strict requirements on bidding.

then the dragon today in the search word "company for rapid detection of pesticide residues, but was surprised to find a people to remain perplexed despite much thought phenomenon. On the left, rapid detection of pesticide residues in the bidding ranking, although there is a keyword with no connection, whether or not the title said information rapid detection of the first turn of the pesticide residue, even ranked in the second on the left, as shown in figure

later dragon and carefully read love Shanghai for originality rules, combined with the direction of development and changing industry recently love Shanghai auction, decisive so-called quality in more and more important role in the love of Shanghai SEM, key words did not reach 2 star above is unable to obtain the qualification or the need to show the left further perfect. Love Shanghai in order to adapt to the development trend of the times, Paul >

since 2012 June, continuous improvement of love Shanghai search engine algorithm optimization, make originally simple becomes hard up. Which most Adsense out electricity, operation, training and other industries, enterprises have realized that rely solely on the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng cannot meet the needs of the web site, a time to love Shanghai become the first choice of bidding enterprises.

bidding is the biggest characteristic of fast activity ranking, as long as the enterprises in Shanghai opened the account after the success of love, by setting certain ideas and make their appropriate keywords added, can obtain the good ranking bid in reasonable circumstances. Compared with the long time, Shanghai dragon ranking is not stable, the love of Shanghai SEM has been developing rapidly these years. Will take shape in Zhengzhou, a few years ago, the auction business recruitment also scanty now, for the professional style has long been overshadowed by the Shanghai dragon.

when the Dragon saw this phenomenon, the first reaction is to love Shanghai auction database problems, leading to competitive ranking errors. Can try related keywords or other keyword bidding, did not appear this kind of situation, it seems simple to data error is not scientific. Then, according to the love of Shanghai’s official statement, this title is not rosy and innovation, and keywords rapid detection of pesticide residues has nothing to do, why can get the second on the left show. Ordinarily this combination is even a star cannot get, the normal situation is not rapid detection of pesticide residues in the bidding.

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