Site drop right back 6 cases share

type: general medical website

website >

2. update daily high quality station in

4. data record website

Case two:

site was lower right, such a problem, believe that most of the webmaster experience. The site is down right, what should we do? How to restore the weight of their own website? This problem is many webmaster asked questions. This topic, which is many webmaster topic. [Chen Shaoting] the following blog blogger to give you an analysis of several cases, hope that we can help you.


drop right: webmaster contact optimization time is not long, before the ranking is not bad, but there are still some keyword ranking, website optimization for about 3 months, suddenly one day ranking of all gone, traffic is


analysis: when love the sea just released soon began large-scale Scindapsus algorithm, right down the website, initially determine the cause of Q algorithm scindapsus. Check the website found that although the site did not link, but

site changes: in accordance with the above points began,

Links and links will not related to the friendship of the site right down, please pay attention to the webmaster.

: third weeks included changes obviously, included morning surge, afternoon go down, or to continue to implement the processing method.

. The company learned that other older sites are the same all is right down.

drop right: website and website snapshot stagnation, suddenly stopped the snapshot update and included, this is an obvious drop right phenomenon. After the website ranking began to fall within 3 days without the ranking, but

Chen Shaoting commented: This is the case with a student ranking recovery, because of Scindapsus algorithm causing the site to drop right, right to be reduced quickly after take measures, can learn from, too much

Changes of


3. the chain to do

for second weeks, the snapshot update, began to exchange new Links.

: a case

fifth weeks: website ranking recovery, updated daily snapshot, weight returned to normal.

1. exchange is not related to Links all removed

fourth weeks: the website gradually began to flow, weight recovery.

exchange Links too much, most have not related to Links, causing the site is down right.

type: do dust bag enterprise website

first week: the situation is not optimistic, the site included a fall, snapshots stop, even appear to file phenomenon.

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