Site optimization should pay attention to more details Shanghai dragon cannot have a luck

high quality website external links is our website to improve the ranking of the key, in the various methods of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain has been regarded as one of the best and most stable operation of Shanghai Longfeng effect. As everyone knows, a high quality of the chain can improve website PR value and update rate, will bring a lot of traffic, as we see, the quality of the chain is enough to affect the ranking ranking.

4399 Games must have a lot of people are familiar with, they have a rule, in the home page, allowing the flashing pictures, only up to one or two pieces, belong to the special important advertising or strong push content, will do so a. This is also a lot of websites do, many websites would be full screen flash map, but make people disgusted.


and article pages should match the long tail, such as electrical fire monitoring system, monitoring system of what brand is good "and other words.

according to the survey, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the required information service, which has nearly 70% of the search will search directly on the first page of the natural ranking search results of the information they need.



in an attempt to deceive the search engine, holding fluky psychology is unacceptable. There are a variety of online tools, all kinds of links, soft selling, but Shanghai dragon is best down-to-earth, don’t eat into a big fat man.

search engine Flash, iframes and JavaScript do not love script too much, so keep the site clean and tidy, but also conducive to the search engine spiders to crawl faster and more accurate index of your website.

many people know the important keywords, but not blindly increase the keywords, keyword selection problem, is also a kind of strategy, keyword distribution can not be too dense, don’t let your web page at a glance is everywhere, it will make the optimization look traces of heavy, poor user experience.

for Internet entrepreneurs, is to maintain the life of air flow, especially with the rapid development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon is to occupy the leading position of the extension service.

a simple title and description is both for the users and the search engines are more attractive. Not only that, we have to ensure that the Alt attribute within the site of the picture and >

website optimization can help improve the comprehensive index of the web page, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers to visit the site. But because of the principle of search engine is changing, change the search principle will directly lead to changes in the website keyword search engine rankings, so search engine optimization is not required for the maintenance of once and for all.

when it comes to the end, we give a case:


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