The essential difference between a detailed analysis of Shanghai and the noble love baby

dependent love Shanghai external links is relatively small, the correlation of the page itself is more sensitive to the sensitive reflected in, be in the right place keywords help ranking, is also reflected in the accumulation of key words are more easily lead to punishment.

included in the

recently on the network a lot of people in Shanghai asked the difference between love and noble baby where my friends also ask me this question, today, Links platform from Shanghai dragon angle for the essential difference between all system analysis and noble love Shanghai baby where in.

love Shanghai has great home advantage, and noble baby on all pages equally, whether the home page or inside pages, in the search results page, return to the site within the pages of noble baby more, and want to fall in love with the sea in a better position, often need to rely on the home page, which might affect the website structure and different keyword distribution on the site of treatment.

in the rankings:

love Shanghai ranking often have some sites in the optimization often change radically, after a certain period of time, a lot of keywords ranking rise at the same time, the flow is suddenly increased, while ranking processing on the website of the noble baby is a gradual, steady growth in a few months time, not a point in time have explosive growth. On the website of the same punishment, fell in love with the sea ranking may disappear overnight, the noble baby is less that, unless a serious cheating.

noble baby very seriously, the page elements are not so sensitive, we can often see the row on the first page of the page keywords on the page once there, ten is also the noble baby for keywords on the page number, location, no obvious, there are rules of preference, and view the top of dozens of pages of external links, we can see the relatively consistent trend, in front of the row is usually in the back row of the external links of high quality, the number of more.



love Shanghai on the website of the update values, continued to regularly increase the content often can effectively improve the ranking of Shanghai in love. To update no nobility baby love Shanghai so sensitive, of course, sustained and effective content is certainly a good thing, but a lot of content for several years did not.

External links

in the chain:

noble baby is easy to included new sites and new page one or two is not very high quality of the external links, can let the new site is included. A copy of the content on the website is not much impact. But there is a sandbox noble baby, what is the sandbox effect later, here do not explain, included a very low threshold, more difficult to get good rankings. Love Shanghai on the contrary, many of the new website to be loved in Shanghai included is a difficult problem, and sometimes need a relatively long period, and once was collected, easier to obtain ranking and flow, the beginning of the original site is important to love Shanghai.

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