Shanghai love chain Combat let the chain be included in the relevant field of long term effective

every time you love Shanghai big update, many webmaster can always see the chain dropped or surge, the chain number increase or decrease does not depend on how to update the love Shanghai, love Shanghai as a search engine, has its own algorithm. Each update means that different algorithm adjustment, the user experience to do better. How to control the chain of effective long-term love Shanghai included in the relevant domain, is a problem sooner or later have to face the webmaster. After several times of love Shanghai love Shanghai world marketing update, the number of domains found related or not, how to love yourself completely in Shanghai to do the chain.

two, outside the chain of Title

love the sea always love included in the original content, the chain must do with original content. As long as the original content, hundred percent will love Shanghai is included, because there is no similar fields in their database, and the original easy to be retained, whether it is released on the website, forum or blog content, should be taken into consideration from the long-term retention of the mind, the administrator to see that this is the original content will not go delete the chain to let his release retained, this is the first step, any included normal website for original content included the speed is fast, high quality content will also be with the theme of the site to reprint this form of the chain will be more effective.

chain is often in the form of web content and theme and their related content outside the chain, as long as the view of the title of the site can be found in the topic posted on the website of the chain, is equivalent to the same industry to give you a strong link to vote, transfer the weight is N times between the chain the. In the absence of relevant web sites can also release.

chain content, the chain of title is particularly important, good title will not only become a long tail keywords, but also for your product or service into sales behavior. The first site you to release the chain site, see has included the contents have no and you want to publish content to repeat the words, if there is no direct release, if repeated words appear in the title, then the adjustment method of the title, to avoid falling in love with the sea is not included. Love Shanghai not included two title exactly the same, only in accordance with the release order one. The site has N article title contains the same keywords, but in the search results will only show a.


chain is released in someone else’s Web site, and love Shanghai every update, others website because the algorithm changes the chain content release is deleted, leading to the chain content of this article contains its own web site is deleted from the database of Shanghai love, will lead to the invalid related domain, tens or hundreds a chain for the same reason is love Shanghai removed, the love will come the number of Shanghai related to the domain of the drop in the situation. In this regard, for the construction of the chain of love in Shanghai have the following points can let the chain be included in the relevant field of long-term effective.

, a chain of

three, the chain of correlation

content The correlation of the

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