Shanghai Longfeng service industry set off three chaos when a situation of tripartite confrontation


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is this kind of thing, do not have to bow and scrape and inferiority, because it may be just a temporary state… This phenomenon, we may think the future of the individual orders will be replaced by the Shanghai dragon service company, of course, it is undeniable that this trend is indeed necessary, because the Shanghai dragon Er distribution is too scattered, not in their ability and financial investment registered his own company before the Shanghai dragon service company to develop its own best of course but if self-employed type you can best into a beginning of the creation of the network company.

you may see your age, * * * years also without you people have made a long applause, and you are just the bottom staff in his company, this is not the reason you are discouraged, because of his background, and you only back…



7 ghost said here the three non Wei Shu Wu, Shanghai dragon is er, Shanghai dragon team and Shanghai dragon service company. This is the same in the service industry in different sectors, for customers to do optimization / planning services. There is a competition between each other, the concession, and not easy to merge.

City, you can see that this is a period of chaos, said a troubled hero, of course, in the Shanghai dragon industry too few heroes. We all know that we do this for Shanghai dragon few don’t want to go it alone, but the real one on their own. Everyone wants to be a hero, want to become famous in the Shanghai dragon industry, of course this is not a short duration of time to do.

this is the Shanghai ER and the Shanghai dragon dragon service company to see how the differences in the development of a city, first check on the local network and the number of the company, because it can lead the city forward in the network era is just rely on the network and investment. So if your area is not too much network company, then you should be happy, because your competition is very small, you are likely to use the Internet with a land boom. This is the Shanghai dragon Er personal talent, potential time. If you want the first bite to taste fresh, first time, heroes are being forced out.

said the three countries, this history of the Three Kingdoms a situation of tripartite confrontation. Today, the Internet era, a time of chaos, three again thriving, and who.

Shanghai dragon Er individual necessarily limited, compared with the Shanghai team and Shanghai dragon dragon service company, not so much time and energy to deal with things, often be insufficient. This person wants to stabilize the heel of Shanghai Longfeng specialist in Shanghai Longfeng industry, in addition to pick up some small list of their own, there is the addition of Shanghai dragon service company, give yourself a display platform, at the same time to recharge themselves, learn to use the stairs.

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