How to achieve the conversion rate of advertising

two, the soft launch targeted


soft, whether in doing optimization or promotion, or soft news, are very important, the importance of soft lies in the quality of content, advertising into is soft, soft Wen is respected, decline, the first reason is that hard advertising effect of the rising cost of TV media, the second reason is that many low initial media the charge is soft hard advertising, soft input and output in the fund is not very strong under the condition of more scientific and reasonable.

soft, eventually to be accepted by people, so when writing is based on user experience, into advertising to let the user can accept, and ultimately guide the user thought, in addition to the promotion of the role of the soft, content or to read, quality.

to write text, each industry has different views, but need to follow these principles:

the grammar and sentence to correct fluent cannot appear before and after the wrong words and sentence unreasonable, not contradictory, these are the most basic. What is the high quality.


, a soft launch cycle

Shanghai dragon, soft paper is important to high quality, original, keyword density is reasonable, so as to make reasonable distribution of links, search engines in the first time, and on your website to make a good evaluation, do promotion, soft focus on advertising into, the article should have the breakthrough point, the article should have worthy of discussion, so as to lure more people to read your articles and participate in the discussion of interactive.

has brought the target audience to put the soft will. Do soft Wen on the pertinence is very important, this soft in general high correlation sites appear, will also have a very good brand for their products or services, and if you are for your website promotion, then the effect of this chain is absolutely valid, and is of high quality. Again, according to the website to write text to get outside the chain, it is best to contribute to its weight is high site, such as A5, Chinaz, Ai Rui, if the article is through the audit, the chain effect is absolutely high quality, if the quality of your high enough, the user is reproduced, presumably you know this article made on your web site, how much is the contribution.

website on soft, soft promotion delivery plan in advance, of what you do, your users search habits, long delivery time, the soft launch period must be a reasonable planning, planning on the most obvious effect, but also brought a steady stream of target customers, the soft launch cycle according to the nature of the product to you, there is a week on the 3, there is a day to launch a launch period, mainly is the soft advertising for users to remember and participate in the discussion and will consider your products.

three, advertorial content of high quality

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