Note small live to survive in the cracks of the search

through my mind: survival small live in search of the cracks, sleepy.

. Three: the lack of website elements of profit, we expect to make money but think of the advertising alliance, but despite these things we can rely on what money? This is what we lost something, if be relentless advertising alliance K out of the time, we still helpless, helpless. So the website development, initially defined not only think of relying on advertising, once a friend to do medical sites, one day the site more than 10 IP, but his income a month on the more than 10 W, so the website profit channel is not limited to advertising.

always thought that websites rely on search engines on the line, can be ranked first on the line, can have the traffic on the line, all in four years ago so that these definitions, perhaps for many webmaster like me, in fact we do such a site, others have been, one day it will perish.

I have been a small station, contact network nearly four years, from the start of the first station, the large and small, junk sites, sum up four years there have been an instant success, had been defeated, four years is a long time, four years is not long, but let me know the website true meaning. Today I take personal experiences to illustrate some points.


puzzle: the lack of flow promotion channels, we have to rely on a long love Shanghai search engine, it is the main source of all, one day when we appear, we can not afford to drop ranking fluctuations to restore what is perhaps the small station of sorrow, in fact we can expand more channels, such as: 360, Sogou, GG and a series of search engines, you can also define micro-blog, QQ space,

I love Shanghai station before operation on IP search has been stable at about 1WIP, but in March this year, around the site right down, and has not recovered from the original 1W IP to the late period of a few hundred IP, just from the sky to the ground, remember in the face of this kind of situation is more than once, ranking dropped, factors, such as a series of gloomed all day. The station has been hit several times, K, has been plucked, but I have never given up the first site of the feelings, although the station can bring me what, but I and the Internet connection, because the station, so this year I still update the information station every day, slowly I thought a lot what do the site, all rely on the search, in the end we can live long, a series of problems plagued me.

. Two: the lack of website brand definition, especially for the flow station before me, ignored the website brand, has been optimized as the focus of the content, brand as a secondary, although in recent years of hard work, but from the website brand name search has not been a flow. So the website in the development process, we must pay attention to the definition of brand, a moment of money, not a career. It remind the webmaster don’t grasp the brand confused.

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