Love leads to the site Shanghai dropped 10 factors

wonderful chess ink do not know for sure all will lead to love Shanghai right down, Shanghai dropped the factors of love, but this is still your own had some down the right factors and cognitive experience, share in order to avoid detours in the process of Shanghai dragon. The following factors leading to love Shanghai dropped random list, no difference:

Keywords multi station

9. Links removed lead to drop right. This should belong to the seventh, but it will separate out, because there are many website occasionally did not take into account the Links small pieces of wood, many webmaster found their Links will not immediately delete each other, this will lead to a large number of Links also removed the phenomenon will produce.

1. Title frequent changes. Especially with the title did not modify before the relevant title. Frequent changes of the title to drop right usually for 30 days to recover.

3. server is not stable. Because the server is not stable due to the failure of Shanghai dragon is very sad, of course, in the China stalls a garbage server vendor is normal. My blog in Shenzhen Shanghai dragon www. Shanghai dragon -mmqm贵族宝贝 after the first use of cheap space, within a month not included, included later because the problems included is right down for more than a month, but had to replace the space dumbfounding.

ring chain. Well, in recent years, the most terrible is artificial It is often seen., blocked.

5. added a large collection of content. The ink is wonderful advice is to need to have a certain ratio of the original content, the ratio of your own set. It is not love, please use the pseudo original method cannot identify the sea made! That is the pseudo original method can not identify the love of Shanghai.

2. degrees up. Here with over 2 words because the current mainstream search engines are more intelligent no longer heavy reliance on keyword density as a weight criterion, so the stack phenomenon does not necessarily lead to K, but excessive building will need to be careful. The fact that the Shanghai is no good optimization of love.

6. was linked to the black chain. This is not too much to explain it! Many high weight government portal station, station, in the shadow of the black chain rampant out of the search engine.

10. a large number of sub domain and the contents of the same page. Many unreasonable sub domains, pan analytic etc. "

7. the chain loss rate is too high. This is a search engine of the genius in this way can easily find many uses "extraordinary measures" web site optimization, will disappear.

4. Links search engine severe punishment. Here said the severe punishment is to be K, pulled hair, was down right home page and other serious punishment, the situation of sex Shanghai web site optimization, great influence. Is a very important aspect. Especially the new station, which is directly related to the fate of your site.

Over 8.

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