Love Shanghai user experience and high quality articles in the optimization chain are indispensable

site optimization article first master is regularly updated, this paper pay attention to originality and value factors. The Shanghai spiders love we all know it every day to crawl and crawl websites are based on a certain frequency for those who have the value of high quality content retrieval, which included treatment. So the author thinks that the webmaster in the process of the optimization of the website must adhere to the original update every day, in the process of updating the author or make a small suggestion, pay attention to value factors of website content changes, our general operation as long as it is something original collection is not a big problem in the sea, but with the change of the recent love Shanghai algorithm, influence of weight and website ranking by the user behavior of things that are already well known, if we update the original content to the search engine, the value >

user experience is the most things you say, what is the user experience? I believe that this experience is not some fixed mathematical formula one plus one equals two this is the truth, no matter what time is fixed is not changed. But the user experience this thing on the contrary, it is not a formula. These formulas can not be applied mechanically to elaborate, the author thinks that a kind of feeling after the user experience is actually the user access to the site, we have stressed the need to improve the user experience, in fact is to improve the user experience of access to the site and friendliness, enhance customer satisfaction. With a simple example we analyze the tourism, this thing may all experienced, some tourist attractions may be in life will have a profound impact on your beautiful environment, for example, the noise and so on, the mountains were covered a syncretic spectacle, may have a positive positive and far-reaching influence on you. This is for our positive experience and influence. We then changed the subject to this website, high quality access experience, that is we often say that "the structure of graphic design, web page, web content meets the needs of users, for some users help, website open speed, etc.. Whether the tourism experience or experience website, its essence is the same, the purpose is to give the user a satisfactory process and memorable experience, in the process of user experience users better next time or will recommend other relatives and friends to visit in our website, in short, is to retain good experience users, the introduction of more users access to our site directly or indirectly, this is our constant pursuit of user experience is the most important purpose, is also very worthy of it is necessary to take into account the long things.

search engine algorithm is even more and more novice veteran is skeptical about the optimization, optimization is for each of us to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er every day to discuss things, because of love every Shanghai algorithm upgrade or small range test will be more or less to us site. I believe that love to do Shanghai optimization, user experience, high quality original articles and the quality of the website chain one less.

With the continuous upgrading of the

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