Novice Shanghai dragon you must know the secret

novice Shanghai dragon you know the secret: when a new station started the station Shanghai dragon, you may be very confused, sometimes very helpless, how to open the new Shanghai dragon road, today every thorn God from four to uncover the secret.

: for search engine optimization does not have enough patience

two: Shanghai dragon too quick

in the beginning did not come into contact with some of the most basic construction of the chain, based on the blind writing based optimization, will lead to the work efficiency is halved.

at the beginning of the contact time for the website optimization, don’t know how to use the anchor text of the chain construction is busy external links, busy learning to see the web page code. People like to learn to walk to start running. If you are too quick last only about everything. For us to optimize the industry is the same can not be too utilitarian, optimization is like building a house, if you do not have a solid foundation, where the tall buildings. In many industries, Shanghai dragon is the most undisciplined, so the webmaster is in the stones, but the law really exists, only knowledge accumulating, can improve.

I think many just contact search engine optimization industry webmaster want to direct contact with the essence of Shanghai dragon. Remember when just now, the optimization history of a blank, of course I also like blank. I feel very confused, ranking is how come? I feel very deep, one thirty gang and can’t find, do not know how to start.

check the information on the Internet that it is content with the chain, thus the interest began to do the work every day, every day to write original articles at the beginning, in the Sina blog, NetEase blog, love Shanghai space and the awfully, but over time I started not patience, know behind the stage there is no direct hair.

in fact, this is wrong, the search engine optimization that is to adhere to. If a site does not adhere to the contents, the hair of the chain will be abandoned by the search engine. Because of the keyword behind the scenes webmaster in hard work, do Shanghai dragon like riding a boat behind, so as a search engine optimization based on the quality of personnel is that you must learn to persevere. On the basis of insisting only can have further development.

doing optimization work before life can be said to be a love of people, but in a stage, to understand the importance of optimization for analysis, for example you need to analyze your opponent why can put the rankings do in front of you, why their weight higher than you and so on, these are as optimization personnel the need to analyze things. At the time of analysis should pay attention to the details, such as a keyword, you want to do so, at least in the chain and included on – >

There are

three: not the habit of

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